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TCSOTD 2007-05-28

Spirey and the Queen: a novelette by Alastair Reynolds

The police state edges closer
Tim Worstall’s take on it

Tony Blair talking out of his arse again
… why does the word “legacy” come to mind here…

… which the Queen reportedly despairs at

Pakistan ‘same-sex’ couple jailed

Interesting note here about store card data retention and who gets access to it
… hint: HMRC

Cyber-stalking: Your help is needed

TCSOTD 2007-05-23

Police Chief’s ‘Orwellian’ Fears

Over 100,000 innocent young people now on the National DNA Database

ORG is looking for new Board members

Staff asked to snoop for police

Anger at plans for NHS database of gay men
… [16:42] Tim Worstall nails it

Madeleine’s eye holds vital clue

Result of Daily Mail Hatchet Job on Owen Barder

Traffic Wardens to get video cameras
… Someone clearly has too much money to spend. How long until crimes against traffic wardens increase?
… “The technology will also help wardens in their new role of issuing fixed penalties for anti-social behaviour.” Oh dear me.

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