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It's at times like this

… that I feel an overwhelming sadness at the future of humanity.

There I was on a flight out to see my friend over the Easter break when the two seats in front of me were taken by two early twenties girls. There was, of course, the irritating linguistic tic of not being able to reduce the number of ‘likes’ per sentence to below three. There was, as well, an inability to realise that you can talk on an aeroplane without resorting to foghorn like volumes. Finally, there was the following conversation which sealed the deal and made me see red:

Air hostess: Can all passengers please turn off all electronic equipment, including mobile telephones, laptops and personal audio devices.

Plane starts to taxi and I watch one of the pair send a last text and then sit there waiting for a return text to arrive.

Air hostess: Madame, could you turn off your mobile phone please

Girl: Why, like, should I?

Air hostess: Because it may interfere with navigation equipment during take off.

Girl: But I’ve been on, like, ’planes where they let you, like, use them during, like, flight

Air hostess: You may well have been madame, but I’m sure that they didn’t let you use it during take off and landing and also we do not have the equipment on this aeroplane that will let you use your telephone during the flight. Turn it off.

The girls sighs loudly and turns the phone off and the air hostess walks off, presumably quite glad that she didn’t have to ask the pilot to get involved (which may have escalated to him aborting the takeoff). As she walks away…

Girl: Fascist.

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TCSOTD 2007-06-19

Shameless self promotion

Marc Andreessen’s top ten Science Fiction reads of the 00s
… I have a very similar unfinished post on these lines.

Indy Film ‘Four Eyed Monsters’ released on You Tube for free

Natalie Portman: cognitive neuroscientist

German teen unplugs pensioner’s ‘noisy’ life support machine

What happens when British Airways loses your luggage? Pretty much nothing…

Girls just aren’t turned on by man boobs: Yet another waste of NHS money

Liam Byrne: ID Cards to be ‘great British institution’ on a par with the railways in the 19th Century
… good, so totally ruined by political interference and mismanagement then?</sweeping generalization>

TCSOTD 2007-05-08

Blogging Magistrate: Just a Few More Steps to Meltdown

Privacy International announces global privacy invaders
… “Winner: The United Kingdom”

Taking Liberties, in cinemas June 8th

The amazing colour changing card trick

U.S./Canadian Dispute over Border Crossing Procedures
… “‘The Attorney General’s office really just wants to grab as much biometric information as it can,’ said the source.”

Impressive demo of skin rendering on new Nvidia 8800 Ultra

Mystery revealed: Poppy quarter led to U.S. spy warnings

Computer scientists working on machines that can match Wall Street traders

Car Salesmen ‘More Trustworthy Than Politicians’

TCSOTD 2007-05-02

Pilot denies ‘rape by deception’
… ‘…by saying intercourse could cure an infection…’

‘Illegal Number’ Triggers Flood of MPAA Cease-and Desist Letters

Charlie Stross puts ‘Missile Gap’ Novella online
… in honour of International pixel-stained technopeasant day

A Large Xsan installtation

Government breaks its own ID Law

Watch a cheese mature

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TCSOTD 2007-03-28

Dollar Art

Bizarre hexagon circles Saturn’s north pole

3,500 British schools fingerprinting their children
… [20:23] a quick follow up on how these idiot schemes break all four laws of identity

Australia posters ruled offensive
… “should not be seen by children”

One year of unnecessary censorship

Mind how you walk. It could be a crime

John McCain’s MySpace Page ‘Enhanced’

Lords scupper Manchester Casino Plans
… by just three votes

Gizmodo Tokyo Flash Giveaway
… just a competition, and is currently being gizmodo’d, but the watches are cool…

TCSOTD 2007-03-13

Aide alleged Levy ‘lie’ request

Watch as advertising idiocy gets caught out and commented on
… it clearly isn’t the day yet when it is no longer amusing to watch advertising agencies completely fail to Get It.

Questioning Gill Sans
… ‘In 1928, Eric Gill set about to improve on Edward Johnston’s type for the London Underground. The result was Gill Sans.’

FACT Off: It’s time to say no to F.A.C.T.
… campaigning against those patronising, unskippable anti-piracy adverts on DVDs

Berlusconi and Mills back in dock in Italy

AI system cited for unlicensed practice of law

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