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TCSOTD 2007-02-21

The Register analysis of The Blair ID Card Email
… “Blair adds whole UK to police suspect list”

Police question Blair aide again
… strange that this has been trailed and announced since then.

Is your cellphone bugged?

Romano Prodi ‘to submit resignation’

Weddings at lowest ever level

Dr Petra Boynton on the report about the sexualisation of young girls

TCSOTD 2006-12-11

The Denial Machine

10 Bible verses never preached on

Ask your doctor for the 93C3 form
… not that it’ll make any difference of course.

ID Cards don’t work – even Tony says so

A good resource on all public NHS IT information

Mozilla causes relationship to break up

The Corporation released for free on bittorrent

BottleTalk: Web 2.0, Wine and Social Networking

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TCSOTD 2006-11-03

Head of US National Association of Evangelicals resigns in gay sex row

Henry Porter: Standing up to Scrutiny

British believe Kim Jong-il less dangerous than Bush

World fastest street legal car
… and it is too old for road tax too!

A great chairman’s statement
… the fun stuff starts at ’I’d like to express some personal views’

Trademark’s last gig with their current stage show

Curry keeps brain healthy

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TCSOTD 2006-10-12

It has been a long time (for ‘long’ read at least two years) since I stopped doing this and since then there has been the occasional hint that people actually liked it and were wondering when I was going to start again. Since this appealed to my ego, here is the New and Improved, Blogged and Aggregatable, Cynical and Daily (yeah, I don’t believe that either) TCSOTD!

I’m going to experiment with updating it througout the day rather than posting the whole thing in one go, meaning that those of you with aggregators should get the updates. This may not last long – let me know what you think in the comments…

If you just want a TCSOTD feed rather than the whole of this blog then this is the link that you should use.

An art exhibition in Battersea Power Station

Got Nukes? Putting it into perspective

Make a font from your own handwriting

Reiser4 inventor arrested for murder

’World’s glaciers and ice caps are now in terminal decline’

IT@Intel Blog

YouTube videos of Stewart Lee’s take on Christian Fundmentalists and censorship

Tim quits blogging for a while, and leaves us with this (contains profanity)

‘Rockfish’: a great animated short

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