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TCSOTD 2007-05-28

Spirey and the Queen: a novelette by Alastair Reynolds

The police state edges closer
Tim Worstall’s take on it

Tony Blair talking out of his arse again
… why does the word “legacy” come to mind here…

… which the Queen reportedly despairs at

Pakistan ‘same-sex’ couple jailed

Interesting note here about store card data retention and who gets access to it
… hint: HMRC

Cyber-stalking: Your help is needed

TCSOTD 2007-04-19

Neuroimaging Britishness

The Vacuum Tube iPod Dock

Arresting a six year old for throwing tantrum

Only 244 copies of Genuine Vista sold in China
… being slashdotted at the moment.

Canberra row over UK envoy remark
… ‘“We have never seen Iraq as part of the war on terrorism,” she said.’

Thunderbird 2 is out

Pictures and rumoured details of new SE P700i smartphone

UK crematoria eye heavyweight incinerators

Contributors to today’s TCSOTD: Ben

TCSOTD 2007-02-05

A snippet of ‘The Dildo Diaries’ talking about legality of sex toys in Texas

What to do if ‘Access Denied’ is all you get from your Samba printers in Windows

Confidential Microsoft emails posted online
… ‘I would buy a Mac today if I was not working at Microsoft’ — Jim Allchin

Archbishop in Police State warning

Davis: we will axe ID card scheme

US immigration cavity search ends in agony

TCSOTD 2006-11-27

Copyright extension rejected by Treasury

Interesting Danish Road Safety Technique (NSFW)

Police want power to crack down on offensive demo chants and slogans

Let us test Darwin, teacher says
Comment from The Register

40% off all Wine & Champagne until 10th December in Threshers
… only being spread by blogs

Carbon nanotube knife

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TCSOTD 2006-11-22

Interactive whiteboard technology

Global Orgasm Day, December 22nd
… ‘peace through global ecstasy’

Longer drinking hours seem to be producing fewer problems
Tim Worstall’s analysis

Goldsmith says he has seen no evidence to increase suspect holding time to 90 days

New Zealand Minister defends right of school girl to run amok in underwear

Robert Altman dies

Parents halt mosque school trip
… “did not want their children exposed to a religion that was not their own.”

GPs threaten to snub NHS database

RFID passports less reliable than normal ones

The plastinated brain

Paintball minigun in development

Red tape blog

Ordnance Survey New Popular Edition Maps from 1940s scanned in
… add your postcode to the map

Police to take fingerprints on street
Henry Porter responds

Police accepted gifts from scientology allegation
… why are the police allowed to accept gifts at all?

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