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The curse

Years ago, before the word “weblog”, let along “blog”, had been coined I started a very short lived on-line diary on my website. A few of the articles that I wrote bear putting up here for some sort of posterity. Re-reading the following diary entry again has brought back some memories of that time and I can safely say that since then I have not seen anything as serious as any single one of these incidents. Lets hope it stays that way.

Here then, slightly edited, is the first (and most recent in the archives) entry to be republished. It was written on 2002-02-22.

About two weeks ago I had a very strange seven days. As well as the normal streetlights going off as I walked under them I saw a lot of accidents and emergencies. Alex and I were walking in Battersea when we came across an incident. It was a motorcycle wipe out, with one damaged car, a hysterical driver and two damaged motorcyclists, one of which was strapped down with a respirator and being referred to by the paramedics as “The Body”. When we went by on the way back the car was still on the side of the street and the road surface had been, thankfully, cleaned. The entire passenger side of the car had been mangled by the collision.

The next morning I got to the station platform just as the train was pulling in. I pressed the Door Open button and saw in front of me a man lying on the floor, blood pumping out of his head and a few people tending to him. I got out of the way as someone had already called the ambulance and I felt it would be better to stay out of the way when they arrived.

A couple of days later I was driving up Warwick Road on the way to see my parents when I looked to my right. A gentleman in his late 50s was climbing out of a below street-level flat and as I watched he took three steps and then fell over. His papers went everywhere and he didn’t make any effort to get up. He didn’t even make any effort to break fall. People pretty much immediately ran to help him, already on their mobile phones to the ambulance service.

Is that it? No, I’m afraid not. The next day I was walking to the train station when I looked to my right and I saw a man curled up still on the ground, and his friend talking animatedly on a mobile phone to the ambulance people.

Then my friend Gerry and I were driving just south of Chelsea bridge and we looked to our right to see an ambulance stopped and a moped wiped out. No other damage this time, but the person driving the moped was already in the ambulance as far as we could tell.

OK. That is it. Things have quietened down now. I have stopped seeing injured
people all the time, which is a relief. It was quite a morbid week.

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