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Burning building

Coming back from lunch the building site down the road from my office is currently pumping out pungent dark grey fumes. The sun is out, and the sky is blue behind all that…

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TCSOTD 2006-12-14

Iraq coalition casualties passes 25,000
… it’s links like that that make me question the wisdom of putting the ‘C’ in TCSOTD

The logic of South West Trains dot matrix displays

Photos of Hail and Lightening

World’s tallest man saves dolphin

Blair questioned by police in Cash for Honours probe
… not under caution though

Coolest psychology experiment… ever?

Potassium: ‘a store that [shows] that good design can be ethical, beautiful, luxurious and ecological’

The curse of Tony Blair

FDA confirms salad evil

Things you can’t do in a London park

TCSOTD 2006-12-04

And while London Burns
… ‘a compelling collision of thriller, opera and guided walk’

A petition ‘To publicly acknowledge that there is a massive discipline problem in many State Schools and to give teachers and Headteachers the necessary powers to enforce discipline and to deal effectively with problem pupils and their parents.’

22 ways to overclock your brain

The making of a Father Christmas

John Bolton quits UN post

The results of Microsoft Asia’s RSS Usage Survey

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