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TCSOTD 2007-05-08

Blogging Magistrate: Just a Few More Steps to Meltdown

Privacy International announces global privacy invaders
… “Winner: The United Kingdom”

Taking Liberties, in cinemas June 8th

The amazing colour changing card trick

U.S./Canadian Dispute over Border Crossing Procedures
… “‘The Attorney General’s office really just wants to grab as much biometric information as it can,’ said the source.”

Impressive demo of skin rendering on new Nvidia 8800 Ultra

Mystery revealed: Poppy quarter led to U.S. spy warnings

Computer scientists working on machines that can match Wall Street traders

Car Salesmen ‘More Trustworthy Than Politicians’

TCSOTD 2007-03-13

Aide alleged Levy ‘lie’ request

Watch as advertising idiocy gets caught out and commented on
… it clearly isn’t the day yet when it is no longer amusing to watch advertising agencies completely fail to Get It.

Questioning Gill Sans
… ‘In 1928, Eric Gill set about to improve on Edward Johnston’s type for the London Underground. The result was Gill Sans.’

FACT Off: It’s time to say no to F.A.C.T.
… campaigning against those patronising, unskippable anti-piracy adverts on DVDs

Berlusconi and Mills back in dock in Italy

AI system cited for unlicensed practice of law

TCSOTD 2006-11-13

Health service IT boss ‘failed computer studies’
Reaction from Burning Our Money
Article in the Inquirer
Article in the Register

List of faux pas

Sun security engineer talks about ID Card technology

More on FIDIS Budapest ID Card Document
… ‘Biometric ID cards an insecure menace’

I’m up for a chat on the tube day – 17th November

Addiction explained
… ‘primarily caused due to possession by either ghosts or our departed ancestors’

A judicial speech given in 1997 which still resonates today
comment by Bystander here

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TCSOTD 2006-11-07

Japanese researchers build 512 core maths co-processor

comp.risks 24.46

Goldsmith agrees to stay out of cash-for-honours investigation
BBC’s take on it here

Clairvoyant lead Americans to Saddam claims Geller

Sun inspired ‘careless driving’ law will lead to injustice

How to steal an election by hacking the vote

Bullet-proof text books may help save lives in school shooting

Sam and Max: Culture Shock review

Australian Institute of Criminology calles piracy losses ‘self-serving hyperbole’

Winning hearts and minds

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