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Pour manger à Paris

A friend of mine is visiting Paris over the New Year and I mentioned a few restaurants that I enjoy going to there. Since then she has asked if I wouldn’t mind if she passed on the list so I thought I’d put it up here!

Café Latéral – it’s very near the Arc de Triomphe but most tourists don’t go down Avenue Mac-Mahon so it’s only French people there and as such the food is really good. It is both a traditional french bar / brasserie but there is a slightly less hectic restaurant in a small room in the back if you prefer something slighly more spacious / quiet :)
4, Avenue Mac-Mahon 75 017 PARIS. Tel: +33 1 43 80 20 96

Le Louchébem – Louchébem is french Butchers’ slang for Butcher. If you really want to eat good meat then this is a great place to go. They serve loads of different cuts from lots of different animals. You may have to book; it was very busy when we went.
Corner of 10, rue des Prouvaires and 31, rue Berger 75001 PARIS. Tel: +33 1 42 33 12 99

La Rotonde Bastille for a funky modern bar serving good snacky food near Bastille. Bastille can be a bit overwhelming and this bar with friendly staff and a chilled out atmosphere (there’s cool art on the walls and funky music in the background) is a good spot to get away from the madness!
No website, but here’s the google info page on it. 17 Rue Roquette, 75011 Paris +33 1 47 00 68 93

Café Grand Corona: it’s a good stopping point if you’re walking towards the Tour Eiffel (and are following the river) and it has amazing hot chocolate – they give you a jug of melted chocolate and a jug of milk. It’s up to you how you mix it!
No website, but here’s the google page on it. 3 Place Alma, 75008 Paris. Tel: +33 1 47 20 70 27

Chez Yanick* for Crêpes. You’re unlikely to see a non-French person here and it’s always packed full of Parisiennes. Make sure (if you like bacon) you have one with Lardons on. Mmmmmm.
No website, but here’s the google page on it. 33 Rue Annonciation, 75016 Paris. Tel: +33 1 46 47 70 34.

Brasserie Bofinger for a good upmarket french dining experience. The food is excellent, the dress code is relatively formal (the waiters are all in black tie) and most people there are french. Booking essential.
3 Rue Bastille, 75004, Paris. Tel: +33 1 42 72 87 82.

La Bar a Huitres It’s in the same area as Bofinger, but is a very modern dining experience focussed mainly on seafood. Excellent food, upmarket design and very good service. Google page

Update 2014-05-29 I’ve heard that Chez Yanick has closed.

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