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Kevin Greening 1962 - 2007

I was shocked last night to hear on the news that Kevin Greening had passed away in his sleep at the young age of 44. I am not often moved by the death of someone famous but this really hit hard; I’m gutted.

Kevin was an intellectual, dry witted, interesting and down to earth broadcaster who loved music. When he finally left Radio One it marked the point when I started to no longer listen to the station; I sent him a good luck email to which he replied which is more than I would expect from many people in the public eye. Some memorable moments:

  • Prince walking out of an interview when Kevin asked him how to pronounce the symbol (if anyone has the video of this could they put it on youtube? I can’t find it anywhere).
  • The Zoe Ball walk out april fool (which I so hoped was true).
  • All of his silly characters (Major Holdups, Raymond Sinclair, Eric the Gardener, Blowchap amongst others).
  • His championship of Mike Flowers Pops.

I didn’t know he had reappeared on Smooth FM so never caught him there but his passing on is a sad loss from the world of Radio and music.

Rest in Peace, Kevin.


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