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ID Card Fun

According to The Register :

Identity checks will normally rely on the biometric data held on cards and passports rather than the National Identity Register


Noooo, that’s not going to be open to huge abuse. Not at all.

I predict a FAIL.

Can we please stop wasting much needed cash on this mess now?

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TCSOTD 2007-11-05

Brown to scrap ID Card Plan
ID cards could be delayed as PM calls for review into technology
ID cards plan behind schedule and soaring in cost, say critics
… but ID cards ‘not being scrapped’

EU cracks down on fake blogger astroturfing

The Liberal Conspiracy

Study: Users of ‘free’ music buy more music

Westboro Baptist Church successfully sued
… you know, the ‘God Hates Fags’ idiots.

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TCSOTD 2007-06-19

Shameless self promotion

Marc Andreessen’s top ten Science Fiction reads of the 00s
… I have a very similar unfinished post on these lines.

Indy Film ‘Four Eyed Monsters’ released on You Tube for free

Natalie Portman: cognitive neuroscientist

German teen unplugs pensioner’s ‘noisy’ life support machine

What happens when British Airways loses your luggage? Pretty much nothing…

Girls just aren’t turned on by man boobs: Yet another waste of NHS money

Liam Byrne: ID Cards to be ‘great British institution’ on a par with the railways in the 19th Century
… good, so totally ruined by political interference and mismanagement then?</sweeping generalization>

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