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TCSOTD 2007-09-27

Gordon Brown’s latest Americanism: the Shrum speech

Good Samaritan arrested at roadside

Greater Shakespeare Tube Map

Boris Johnson is Tory London Mayor Candidate

Shock at archbishop condom claim

Dollar falls to another Euro low

Shipping Forecast’s ‘baffling’ legacy

TCSOTD 2007-04-17

600 space hoppers on the Millennium Bridge

Pound touches 14-year dollar high

Close to 25% of Use Rate in Europe for Firefox

The 20 Most Annoying Tech Products

UK inflation hits 3.1% in March

‘Action needed’ on NHS computers

City of London prepares for blanket Wi-Fi

All about the US watchlists

The 10 Real Reasons Why Geeks Make Better Lovers
… ‘Geeks have seen all the porn you can imagine and then some’

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