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TCSOTD 2007-11-27

Petition to abandon plans to create the Information Sharing Index

Henry Porter: A mass movement is needed to tackle the state’s snoopers
… hint: Open Rights Group is a good place to start

Ben Goldacre on Biometrics

‘Biometrics are not a panacea for data loss’:A letter to the Joint Committee on Human Rights

Innocents fear DNA database errors
… ‘In the past year, more than 100 possible inaccuracies in the documentation of DNA profiles have been discovered, and a further 1,500 administrative mistakes have been logged on the system.’

A Chinese man is suing for divorce after discovering that he is the father of only one of his twins.

Taxpayer may have to pay £170bn for PFI schemes, says Treasury

Miss Mind the Gap sacked
… oh dear, TfL seem to have lost their corporate sense of humour

TCSOTD 2007-05-30

Take a leap into hyperspace

Useful Windows command line tool

Group: Terrorism not focus of Homeland Security

Innocent man to pay for jail time

Suspicious sex toy panics posties

Half of black Britain on track for DNA database

Tigers swimming!

Computer virus fells Russian stock exchange

Tories to defend Blair’s legacy

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