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TCSOTD 2007-01-05

Iris use dropped in ID Card plans

Fusion reactors in 10 years claim

Internet Explorer unsafe for 284 days in 2006

Part of Russian rocket lands in Wyoming

The problem with OpenXML
… ‘not only must an interoperable OOXML implementation first acquire and reverse-engineer a 14-year old version of Microsoft Word, it must also do the same thing with a 16-year old version of WordPerfect.’

15 tips to choose a good text type

Quit [Smoking] Counter

Humble Little Ruby Book

Riverbend’s take on Saddam’s hanging / lynching

Lord Levy in abuse of tax payer’s money allegation

New Scientist compiles a list of fun materials

TCSOTD 2007-01-03

US-VISIT running into all sorts of problems
… ‘domestic security officials have for now given up on plans to develop a facial or fingerprint recognition system’

Peter Andre and Katie Price’s new album gets rave reviews on Amazon

Centre for Internet Addition
… has podcasts, a blog, video streams, a mailing list and an online shop.

A Doctor Rants

Royal College of Psychiatry puts CPD podcasts online

The tactics of the press

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TCSOTD 2007-01-02

‘After a sinister year it’s down to us to protect our freedoms’
… Henry Porter back on form

Well, that didn’t take long

Every Step You Take
… A one hour documentary about video surveillance in Britain.

Photos taken through a microscope

Yep, I’m still not going to the US

2006 Darwin Awards

Microsoft’s evolution in keywords

The Database State Looms Large in Scotland

Since 2001 in England the police were given the power to keep the DNA of arrestees even if they are innocent. This is clearly an insane inversion of many principles of justice that England once used to be proud. My friends know well that this is the sort of issue that turns me into a Real Life Devil’s Kitchen Swearing Ranter. I have, however, decided that this blog is going to be relatively calm and swear word free so you are going to have to imagine me in a state of vein throbbing apoplexy right now.

Until now this idiocy has not encroached into Scotland. Over Christmas the nanny state-ers have well and truly got their teeth into the news agenda. There has also been a call to give children in schools ID cards to prevent them from being forced to hand over their lunch cards. For me the fact that the current system fails in this way is a pretty big implication that it is not well thought out from the ground up. Rather than chucking more money and invasive technology at it perhaps now would be a good time to look at different ways of managing feeding children in school.

Still, I suppose it is good to know that some of the kids actually want to eat school food…

Update 2007-01-05: Bruce Schneier has commented on this too.

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TCSOTD 2006-12-19

Michael Stone’s storming of Stormant was ‘performance art’

Giant computer ID plan scrapped

Chatham House Report on Blair’s foreign policy ‘disaster’
BBC report
Duck news

Homegrown Pot becomes top cash crop in US

Patients win right to keep records off NHS computer
… just make sure you do

Video of remote controlled dragon fly

Some great desktop art for multiple monitor displays

Ray tracing and gaming

The Vader Sessions

TCSOTD 2006-12-12

Home office child porn expert admits child porn charge

The phony war on Christmas

Smart Card Alliance criticizes RFID passport plans

Firefox 3 Alpha Released

Sense of smell may be tied to quantum physics

Wordie: like flickr but without the photos

DNA ‘should be taken from babies’
… “It is about time we had a debate about whether we want to turn from a nation of citizens into one of suspects” — Liberty

The PPL FT advert included dead people

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TCSOTD 2006-12-11

The Denial Machine

10 Bible verses never preached on

Ask your doctor for the 93C3 form
… not that it’ll make any difference of course.

ID Cards don’t work – even Tony says so

A good resource on all public NHS IT information

Mozilla causes relationship to break up

The Corporation released for free on bittorrent

BottleTalk: Web 2.0, Wine and Social Networking

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