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TCSOTD 2007-08-24

Antigua request right to ignore US copyright

Arm-wrestling game recalled for breaking arms

Writer suing reviewer

Shots fired at police car on M5

Monkey misery for Kenyan women villagers

Brace yourself for the insolvency crunch

The Personal MBA

US customs bust coke-smuggling ‘submarine’

Reports that playing music on Vista seriously degrades network performance

Celebrity Big Brother 2008 Axed

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I promise this is the only time I'm going to write about this

The putrid, oozing sore that is Big Brother has started again; the TV is unplugged for the duration of the show to avoid any contamination.

This time, however, I am concerned. Very concerned. This is the second Big Brother in a row that I have had links with one of the contestants. The latter link is very minor but still it is there. I think I’m going to have to apply a wire brush to my life.

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