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Kevin Greening 1962 - 2007

I was shocked last night to hear on the news that Kevin Greening had passed away in his sleep at the young age of 44. I am not often moved by the death of someone famous but this really hit hard; I’m gutted.

Kevin was an intellectual, dry witted, interesting and down to earth broadcaster who loved music. When he finally left Radio One it marked the point when I started to no longer listen to the station; I sent him a good luck email to which he replied which is more than I would expect from many people in the public eye. Some memorable moments:

  • Prince walking out of an interview when Kevin asked him how to pronounce the symbol (if anyone has the video of this could they put it on youtube? I can’t find it anywhere).
  • The Zoe Ball walk out april fool (which I so hoped was true).
  • All of his silly characters (Major Holdups, Raymond Sinclair, Eric the Gardener, Blowchap amongst others).
  • His championship of Mike Flowers Pops.

I didn’t know he had reappeared on Smooth FM so never caught him there but his passing on is a sad loss from the world of Radio and music.

Rest in Peace, Kevin.


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TCSOTD 2007-10-19

‘Family Guy Season Six’ on pre-order at Amazon

‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’ too

…and finally, ‘The Brightonomicon’ as well

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TCSOTD 2007-06-20

ORG’s damning report on Electronic Voting has been released
… [14:17] The Register comments on it here

Alan Johnston has been in captivity 100 days

comp.risks 24.70

RPCEmu / Arculator: free Risc PC and Archimedes emulation

‘Go to work on an egg’ ad banned

EMI has DRM free sales boom
… ‘Dump the protection increase the sales’ what a surprise

US crowd beats car passenger to death

Chris Ware designed Cover for Candide

TCSOTD 2007-06-04


Leading Iraqi calligrapher killed

Boy and a Stick and Slither nails the surveillance state

Ministers face legal challenge over jails crisis
… “inmates are reaching the end of their sentences but cannot be freed because they have been unable to attend compulsory courses that are a condition of their release.”

BBC article on Taking Liberties

Logo for 2012 Olympics in ‘Bloody Awful’ shock

Change The London 2012 Logo
… 3865 signatures at the time of writing
… [16:19] the site has died.
… [17:27] and now some alternatives
… [23:00] sadly they removed the variant
… [23:00] another take on the same image here
… [23:00] and this is rather good too, if a little NSFW.
… [23:30] 12926 signatures on the petition now

Naked Blair at centre of art show

TCSOTD 2007-03-27

BBC: British government advisers backed methodology behind contentious Iraq death toll study
Craig Murray’s take here
BBC report here

Interview with Neal Asher

Dr Rant agrees with me about ‘National Debates’

Victory in Europe: Round up of PS3 Launch

Bystander’s take on Tony’s New Crime Review
… “bollocks”

UK gov says broken passport system justifies ID cards
… er. No.

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