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Netgear DG834N and Wireless on Apple MacBooks

What is it with the wireless on Apple laptops and Netgear wireless routers? I have been aware of wireless problems (time outs on connection, random disconnects) with the DG834PN in the past but i fixed that by upgrading to the DG834N.

Recently, though, this now no longer works for both my clients and myself. There have been no changes on the router side but suddenly MacBooks have been unable to connect. I can only surmise that there has been an update to the wireless drivers on the Apple side that has caused this problem to surface on this router.

I have solved it by installing the latest DGTeam firmware (version 850), setting both the region and channel to AUTO (you also really need to do a complete router reset after installing this firmware). This is not particularly satisfactory though and Apple really needs to sort out the incompatibility with the entire family of Netgear routers. Anyone else experienced this and have a better way of fixing it?

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TCSOTD 2007-09-26

Nick Drew on how Gordon’s blatent borrowing against the future and off balance sheet shenanigans are slowly coming home to roost

The Usmanov Affair hits Slashdot

Michael Robertson on why AnywhereCD failed

Microsoft to buy minority stake in facebook

Apple: firmware update likely to make unlocked iPhones ‘permanently inoperable’
… or: Apple: This phone you bought from us, right? You can’t do what you want with it.

Statewatch analyses The EU’s draft Reform Treaty

Burmese riot police attack monks

Euro realist MEP Tom Wise uses parliamentary privilege to spell out the allegations against Alisher Usmanov

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Allow the Red Arrows to Fly at the 2012 Olympics

Swapping from Feisar's iSync plugins to Apple's

I was using the Feisar iSync Plugin to sync my k800i with my Mac. Irritatingly this stopped working with the latest version of iSync. Feisar’s site has a page explaining why and what to do about it. Except, for me anyway, it missed out a fairly crucial step.

They suggest that you should remove the plugin and then rerun iSync and it should All Just Work. This did not work for me. What I discovered you have to do after removing the plugin is unpair your phone from the mac and pair it again otherwise iSync won’t sync with your phone.

For safety’s sake I forced my initial sync cleared out all the phone data; you may or may not want to do this.

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TCSOTD 2007-03-07

Couple stand by forbidden love
… perhaps this should be called TWTFOTD

Rachel from North London about to publish and, in unrelated news, predicts a major breaking story

Apple Unveils New Product-Unveiling Product

Wrong voter ID cards are issued

Real picture of the Optimus keyboard?
… you know, the one with the displays in the keys

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