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TCSOTD 2006-12-04

And while London Burns
… ‘a compelling collision of thriller, opera and guided walk’

A petition ‘To publicly acknowledge that there is a massive discipline problem in many State Schools and to give teachers and Headteachers the necessary powers to enforce discipline and to deal effectively with problem pupils and their parents.’

22 ways to overclock your brain

The making of a Father Christmas

John Bolton quits UN post

The results of Microsoft Asia’s RSS Usage Survey

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Alas poor Novelli

The Royal Exchange

…we knew him so well.

Underneath the Capital Club in London used to be one of the City’s better kept secrets: Novelli in the City. Sadly it is no more. I took my good friends Alex and Derv there to celebrate the announcement of their engagement expecting a good feed. It was always going to be a bit of a risk as when I had initially phoned the restaurant had been fully booked. They also told me that it was no longer a Novelli restaurant, but that the food was the same. Disappointed, I booked elsewhere. On the morning of the meal I got a call from the Capital Club telling me that they had had a cancellation and would I like to take a table. I said yes and cancelled the alternative.

The evening started well as we managed to get a table at the Royal Exchange (unheard of at 6:30pm on a Friday night particularly as Christmas is just round the corner) for a pre-dinner bottle of 2004 Sancerre. This bar is one of my favourites: the staff are always friendly but not too attentive and the location is fantastic. I have spent many a fond evening there.

Happily warmed up we walked the short distance to Abchurch Lane, left our coats at the front desk of the restaurant and took ourselves downstairs to the restaurant which, at first glance, had not changed at all.

Unfortunately the front desk had been misinformed when they told me that the food had not changed: it has. The Fois Gras starter was dull and lifeless – although the texture was just right – and the steak was good and cooked to order but it was nowhere near the heavenly, perfectly cooked steak that I have had there in the past. I have been known, in my more effusive moments, to describe the steak that I had at Novelli’s as ‘the best steak in London’. This is no longer the case – I think that that honour currently goes to Mon Plaisir, although I am always searching. Derv’s Scallops were good but not numerous and could have done with something more to them.

Finally, the puddings: Novelli’s deserts were amazing. I have seen girls tremble at the knee at the memory of his chocolate platter. These no longer exist. The desert selection is sadly reduced and there is nothing on it which particularly inspires.

So, we paid up (the restaurant is still reasonably priced for it’s location) and we went to 1 Lombard Street where I toasted what was Novelli in the City with their excellent Belvedere Vodka Martinis.

RIP Novelli in the City – what has replaced it isn’t bad per se, it just isn’t as good.

The photo is of the bar at the Royal Exchange and is © Toby Bryans 2006

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TCSOTD 2006-11-28

Alan Freeman dies

Charlie Stross on Litvinenko poisoning
… ‘The point is, someone with access to fresh Polonium 210 (read: less than a year old, hot from the reactor) decided to use it to bump off an enemy. And the terrorism alert status hasn’t risen a notch? Pull the other one.’

Abu Hamza Loses Appeal

Labour facing cash flow problems

The Big Opt Out

EU nations ‘knew about CIA jails’

TCSOTD 2006-11-27

Copyright extension rejected by Treasury

Interesting Danish Road Safety Technique (NSFW)

Police want power to crack down on offensive demo chants and slogans

Let us test Darwin, teacher says
Comment from The Register

40% off all Wine & Champagne until 10th December in Threshers
… only being spread by blogs

Carbon nanotube knife

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The Vice President Has Spoken

A quote in Information Age magazine in the Management Report 2006 section:

“Software has always been a barrier, and I guess it sort of always will be a barrier”

Who said this? Clive Fenton, the Vice President for Service in BT’s health division. Says it all, really.

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TCSOTD 2006-11-24

A good guide to the new PAYG Oyster Card Rules

Alexander Litvinenko dies in hospital

Ban on mp3 transmitters lifted

Cow abductions are on the rise

Pentax releases water proof, dust resistant SLR camera
… oh and it’s rather bling as well

Talking of bling
… Gold USB hub

Dollar loses ground against Euro
… against the Pound too: now at £1.93

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Three diverted signs at Bank

This doesn’t need much comment.

At the moment the traffic around Bank and Moorgate is absolutely dire as Cornhill has been closed due to emergency gas works. This was taken before that though it certainly predicted the current chaos well.

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