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Stepping up

The bleak set

Last week I went to see the relatively new production of The 39 Steps at The Criterion. I originally bought the tickets because of a good review that I heard on Radio 4. Since buying the tickets I had heard some more mixed reviews so I was a little nervous about the production.

As the audience takes their seat they are greeted by a bleak, empty stage with virtually no props. The atmosphere was set even before the curtain was metaphorically raised: the seat announcements were read out in a very 1920s style and with a definite touch of humour which presaged what was to come.

What came was a delightful couple of hours where I don’t think I stopped grinning once. The play is based on the Hitchcock film but with a very self-aware twist. Charles Edwards played Hannay with his tongue placed firmly in his cheek. Catherine McCormack played the three different femme fatales in the production extremely well: fulfilling the requirements of the different roles so well that I had to remind myself that this was the same actor.

In some ways though the clowns were the stars of the show. Played with aplomb by Rupert Degas and Simon Gregor they created much of the humour; their sense of timing was spot on whether the jokes were physical or cerebral.

If you want a serious, high brow night out then this is not for you, but if you want a light, fun evening go and see this; I had a great time. The grin on my face didn’t leave for most of the journey home and I was humming Rule Britannia whilst I walked: the play is very English.

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Filming at Heron Quays

Filming at Heron Quays

Walking to the station this morning I found this happening below the under-carapace of Heron Quays. I couldn’t see the band on site yet but a prize (I don’t know a pint or something, OK?) to the person who knows which band this is for.

I am, of course, guessing that it is a band; it could well be for some kind of film or TV series.

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I promise this is the only time I'm going to write about this

The putrid, oozing sore that is Big Brother has started again; the TV is unplugged for the duration of the show to avoid any contamination.

This time, however, I am concerned. Very concerned. This is the second Big Brother in a row that I have had links with one of the contestants. The latter link is very minor but still it is there. I think I’m going to have to apply a wire brush to my life.

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