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TCSOTD 2007-01-25

CCTV Cameras to watch for Speed Camera Vandalism
… [2007-01-26 09:08] The Register covers it

‘No opt-out’ for Church in gay adoption row

Leaked screenshots of OS X Leopard?

Bras with LEDs in

Diebold puts image of key to voting machines on their website; people make copies

Europe’s report on Extraordinary Rendition: Nosemonkey’s quick and easy version

Pop Justice mini-reviews Trademark
TCSOTD thinks they’re great too

Stop the FOIA reducing Private Members Bill

TCSOTD 2007-01-24

Support for civil liberties declining in the UK

Neal Asher’s take on the Flight Tax

Pound trades at more than $1.99

Save Borough Market

Java emulating some old DOS stuff

oAEP: Stream ANY audio to Airport Express from a Windows PC

Outspoken DPP takes on Blair and Reid over fear-driven legal response to threat
… “We must protect ourselves from these atrocious crimes without abandoning our traditions of freedom.”

TCSOTD 2007-01-23

View of US’s global role worse

Chicken Yogurt notices an interesting correlation between ‘Respect’ zones and upcoming elections
… [09:42] Tim Worstall comments on a similar bribery scheme with transport projects

Myfonts’ Best Fonts of 2006

Academics compile ‘encyclopaedia of concerns’ about NPfIT

Porn industry finds High Def too graphic

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TCSOTD 2007-01-22

Red Arrows may face axe in latest round of defense cuts

‘Look on my works and despair’: NHS Blog Doctor’s analysis of the malaise in the running of the NHS

Say no to the Supercasino in Greenwich

The iPhone: it’s also a hard to use cell phone

Goodbye 2006, Hello Digital Rights Management

New reality TV show will put martyrs in Paradise

Brian Haw wins his latest legal battle to prevent his protest in Parliament Square

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TCSOTD 2007-01-17

Good article about people who think they are under the control of mind control beams from the government

How sound affects sight

Brain controlled human robot

Doomsday clock moved two minutes closer to midnight
… due to threat from climate change

Possibly the best XKCD for some time

Number 10 petition site reaps some rewards

Danny blogs the World Social Forum

Info Commissioner: Too late to stop school fingerprinting

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