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Transcript of my twitterview with the CME

Since the blog has been very quiet of late, here is the transcript of the twitterview I have just finished where I discussed social media, technology trends in the trading world and football with the CME

CMEGroup: @tobybryans Good afternoon and thank you for joining us. Let’s start with you describing your role at Schneider Trading #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup It’s my pleasure! I have two roles: Technical Exchange Liaison and Strategic Technologist. #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup I make sure comms between Exchanges and ISVs & our technical departments run smooth & both sides are always up to date #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup I also keep an eye on current technology trends to see if there is anything of interest to our business #exchtalk

CMEGroup: @tobybryans speaking of staying up to date – how do technology trends affect your business? #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup Technology immensely important for our edge. We’re always looking for better and faster solutions for all our systems #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup We talk to exchanges too about how they can help improve their solutions for us (just ask Mark!) #exchtalk

CMEGroup: @tobybryans We won’t ask which one you like working with the most ;) #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup I couldn’t possibly comment on that ;-) #exchtalk

CMEGroup: @tobybryans You are a busy man for sure. So when did you join Twitter and why? #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup I was at a BBC Backstage party when I first saw it in 2006 and I had no idea what it was but it intrigued me so I joined #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup Obviously #twitter has exploded recently and has become a far more useful tool than just keeping in touch with friends! #exchtalk

CMEGroup: @tobybryans So how do you use Twitter for work/Schneider? #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup Keeping up to date with tech, following the latest news, keeping in touch with and building new relationships. #exchtalk

CMEGroup: @tobybryans What do you think traders can get out of #Twitter? #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup Up to date and immediate discussion of latest news and market events from around the world often before the main stream #exchtalk

CMEGroup: @tobybryans You mentioned technology trends – are there any you want to say that Schneider is looking at? #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup two big areas we’re looking at are virtualization and latency measurement with #correlix and #corvil #exchtalk

CMEGroup: @tobybryans Two big trends for sure #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup absolutely, we’ve always been very good on latency but it’s got to the point where the old tools aren’t good enough #exchtalk

CMEGroup: @tobybryans London is one of the world’s soccer/football capitals – care to admit who you support? #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup HA! I was born in Wembley and so I saw close up how some football fans behave. Put me off for life… #exchtalk

CMEGroup: @tobybryans Last question: do you want to make a prediction for how traders will use Social Media a year from now? #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup It will bring new diversity to how they currently communicate and for brokers expanding and messaging their client base. #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup Given how pervasive access is becoming I think it’s going to be interesting for the regulators! #exchtalk

CMEGroup: @tobybryans Great point re: regulators and community growth. We shall see #exchtalk

CMEGroup: @tobybryans Well you are a busy man & sure you have other exchanges to tend to. We appreciate your time and thank you again #exchtalk

tobybryans: @cmegroup Thank you! It’s been fun to be your second vict… er… interviewee! #exchtalk

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Netgear DG834N and Wireless on Apple MacBooks

What is it with the wireless on Apple laptops and Netgear wireless routers? I have been aware of wireless problems (time outs on connection, random disconnects) with the DG834PN in the past but i fixed that by upgrading to the DG834N.

Recently, though, this now no longer works for both my clients and myself. There have been no changes on the router side but suddenly MacBooks have been unable to connect. I can only surmise that there has been an update to the wireless drivers on the Apple side that has caused this problem to surface on this router.

I have solved it by installing the latest DGTeam firmware (version 850), setting both the region and channel to AUTO (you also really need to do a complete router reset after installing this firmware). This is not particularly satisfactory though and Apple really needs to sort out the incompatibility with the entire family of Netgear routers. Anyone else experienced this and have a better way of fixing it?

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MPs' Expenses

A quick, but important, post. First a quote from Barack Obama, today:

“And those of us who manage the public’s dollars will be held to account – to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day – because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.”

Whilst this was said, our MPs here in the UK are pushing to hide the details of their expenses (that is: the money that we let them spend) from us, eroding even more the trust between the government and its owners and continuing the chipping away of democracy in the UK.

If you are a member of facebook then please join this group. Either way have a read of this and follow their helpful three step plan.

I’ve written to my MP. Have you?

UPDATE 2009-01-21 13:20: Good news from The Open Rights Group: the amendments have been killed.

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Blank Console on XenCenter

I’ve recently had to upgrade from XenCenter 4 to XenCenter 5 and after the upgrade the console tab was not working: it was just a blank grey window.

After a bit of googling around archived forum posts I found out that the solution is:

  1. Uninstall the upgraded XenCenter
  2. Rename (for backup purposes) your home directory_\Application Data\_anything to do with Citrix or Xen
  3. Reinstall XenCenter

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Open rights for all

Today is Open Rights Group’s third birthday. Most of you who read this will know that I care greatly (often to the point of apoplexy) about digital rights and personal privacy. ORG can somehow take all my pent up rage and manages to channel it into civil discourse and lobbying. This is important, both for my stress levels and for the nation as a whole.

As part of the celebrations they have published their 2008 Annual Report and for a slightly more casual approach this blog entry. Please have a read and if you aren’t already a member and have even the vaguest unease at the way our government is encroaching into ownership (and ongoing losses) of our personal data and online lives then give them your support.

Happy Third Birthday ORG!

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ID Card Fun

According to The Register :

Identity checks will normally rely on the biometric data held on cards and passports rather than the National Identity Register


Noooo, that’s not going to be open to huge abuse. Not at all.

I predict a FAIL.

Can we please stop wasting much needed cash on this mess now?

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‘Washington made Wall Street go Subprime’

The editor of CityA.M., Allister Heath, is right on the money this morning in his editorial. They need to fix their site so with a bit of googling it can be found. I recommend you all read it in its entirety but here is the most important part of it:

The role of US politicians in creating this crisis has been scandalously under-reported: well-meaning, progressive policies to increase home ownership rates, especially among the poor, were the second most important reason for the credit crunch (the first was excessively loose monetary policy by central banks).

As Russell Roberts of George Mason University has shown, the rot started in 1992. Congress convinced Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the quasi-government agencies that underpin the US mortgage market, to boost their purchases of mortgages going to low income Americans.

I would add that Gordon Brown is complicit in our economic downfall as well with his constant bolstering of the property market in the UK. His initiatives such as key worker loans and buy-to-let mortgages are market manipulation. Whether he introduced these misguided policies out of the goodness of his heart or with an eye on political endorsements from the Daily Mail “house prices are everything” crowd I’ll leave as an exercise for the reader…

UPDATE: 16:40 Eric Falkenstein makes a similar point.

UPDATE: 2008-10-20 15:00 The Washington Post agrees.

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Four lions on a shirt

From those wonderful people at Warp films about Chris Morris’s latest project:

Dear Lion

At the moment the detonator’s going off and you’re part of it but until the effect has gone exponential, your mails are being sorted by one person so bear with me.

Many people have asked us exactly what the Four Lions project is.Clearly we can’t launch the film before its been shot, but I’ve pulled together a few paragraphs from the paperwork that’s been flying around.Its shamelesshype but its accurate – unlike almost everything you will have read in the press. No one who has read the script could disagree with a word here. In three years of research, Chris Morris has spoken to terrorism experts, imams, police, secret services and hundreds of Muslims. Even those who have trained and fought jihad report the frequency of farce. At training camps young jihadis argue about honey, cry for their mums, shoot each other’s feet off, chase snakes and get thrown out for smoking. A minute into his martyrdom video, a would-be bomber looks puzzled and says “what was the question again?” On millennium eve, five jihadis set out to ram a US warship. They slipped their boat into the water and carefully stacked it with explosives. It sank.

Terrorist cells have the same group dynamics as stag parties and five a-side football teams. There is conflict, friendship, misunderstanding and rivalry. Terrorism is about ideology, but it’s also about berks. Four Lions is a funny, thrilling fictional story that illuminates modern British jihad with an insight beyond anything else in our culture. It plunges us beyond seeing these young men as unfathomably alien. It undermines the folly of just wishing them away or alienating the entire culture from which they emerge.It understands how terrorism relates to testosterone. It understands jihadis as human beings. And it understands human beings as innately ridiculous.As Spinal Tap understood heavy metal and Dr Strangelove the Cold War, Four Lions understands modern British jihadis.

As for your offer, we’re hoping to set up a one click pay scheme soon. We’ll let you know.

Hope that helps

Deirdre Steed.

PS Please pass this on to ten more people.

If you feel like assisting such a noble effort then send an email and they’ll add you to their list.

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