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Reid's Reality

So, John Reid has proposed that we force paedophiles to register their e-mail addresses and chatroom names on the sex offenders register. I know, I said I wouldn’t comment on the obvious idiocy of this but it is irresistible.

It isn’t just me that has commented on how unenforcible this idea is. It is typical of this managemental government that they come up with what probably sounds like a good idea to someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Most people, though, when the reality is explained to them will back down. Not so these guys. These guys have such courage and belief of their convictions and understanding that they force through these ideas into law where they will sit gathering dust as the paedophiles use more technology, move around chat rooms, social networking sites, free mail providers and whatever the future of communications holds for us.

I think that it is interesting that these musings of Reid have come at a time when there are rumours of Downing Street using two email systems. Perhaps they can point out to John-boy how easy it is to set up other online identities.

This government came into power before the Internet really hit the mainstream. They have had plenty of time to get used to it and there are some notable exceptions but by and large they have continued to be techno-averse. They have shown on repeated occasions that they can’t manage IT projects, they can’t manage NHS projects and they can’t manage their own departments. These guys need to go and go soon before they manage us into an even greater mess.

All that said the Evil Bit sounds like a great idea, don’t you think?

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TCSOTD 2007-02-06

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… I shouldn’t have to comment on the level of idiocy required to come up with this idea

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Lets have a mass debate

Notwithstanding the appalling and overused pun in the title, this is a serious post. Yesterday I heard someone (I can’t remember who – being on earlies absolutely kills my ability to see through rage when listening to the radio) use the following phrase in reference to the gay adoption media storm that we currently have:

“No matter how you feel on the matter, it is good that this is giving us a chance to have a proper debate”

No. Shut up. This invariably is said by the party who is losing an argument and is playing for time. The last thing that they want is to have a proper debate as then they would be exposed as the idiotic, hypocritical, uninformed and, frankly, worthless people that they are.

A case in point: How many times have members of our what I hesitatingly refer to as government have used this phrase in the last calendar year?

As for the gay adoption row? Show me valid data that it is a bad thing, and not just:

  • some stuff that is based on rumour that you heard at some point.
  • and some study that was performed in the 1970s that, by the way you described it, sounds incredibly dodgy1.
  • telling me that being gay is forbidden by some book written relatively soon after events of 2000 years ago and basing every one of your arguments other than the above made up and outdated studies on that.

…and I might listen. Until then please go away.

1 If someone knows about this study could they let me know – I would be interested to find out about it.

[17:59] edited for overranting – the book in question wasn’t written 2000 years ago.

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