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Lose yourself

To celebrate nothing in particular other than the fact that his bride to be was out and he had an afternoon free Alex decided on a whim to introduce me to Lost Society (caution nasty flash based website ahead). The fact that it is Winner of Time Out London’s Best Bar 2006 gave me cause for concern; I don’t trust these awards as far as I can throw them – we have a coffee shop underneath my office which happily proclaims ‘City AM Best Coffee Shop 2006’ but makes the most tasteless brown mulch known to mankind. I am very happy to say that this bar lived up to its expectations and more.

The sumptuous interior follows a Darkness and Light motif with dark black and red themes interspersed with open white blue and silver themes to wonderful effect. The trendily dressed staff were exceedingly good: friendly and knowledgeable without being intrusive.

We started with a Classic Mojito each which I can safely say was probably the best I have had. Not too sweet and not too minty in flavour it was a pleasure to drink. A couple of glasses of wine followed with the food – to their credit their wine by the glass is pretty good. I had the Chicken Supreme which was excellent, a definite suspicion of Brie gave it that extra something that a lot of Chicken dishes lack. Alex had the Duck which was perfectly cooked: it fell apart and melted in the mouth.

We then attacked their excellent selection of desert wines starting with the Elysium Black Muscat which, if you haven’t tried it, is one of the best desert reds out there. Next up was the Botrytis Semillon which, although good, wasn’t up to the Nectar of the Gods quality of Nobel One (which is sadly difficult to get hold of these days). Finishing off with a Port like drink (by this time my memory is getting somewhat fragmented so god knows what it was… Alex?) we paid the bill and left having had a wonderful afternoon’s food, wine and conversation.

Time Out is right. What a great bar.

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TCSOTD 2007-02-21

The Register analysis of The Blair ID Card Email
… “Blair adds whole UK to police suspect list”

Police question Blair aide again
… strange that this has been trailed and announced since then.

Is your cellphone bugged?

Romano Prodi ‘to submit resignation’

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TCSOTD 2007-02-16

Music execs criticise DRM systems
… “Almost two-thirds of music industry executives think removing digital locks from downloadable music would make more people buy the tracks”

Australia slumps to 10 wicket defeat
… sorry Tim

Mimicking How the Brain Recognizes Street Scenes

Quantum computer successfully demonstrated
… there are videos but they are being slashdotted right now.

Bloglines gives free advertising to Darkgate
… bottom left of image

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