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Nuclear Scaremongering

Does anyone else think that this is disgusting?

At 1501 today:

The EU’s energy chief Guenther Oettinger has said that in the coming hours “there could be further catastrophic events, which could pose a threat to the lives of people on the island”. He told the European Parliament the Fukushima nuclear site was “effectively out of control”. “The cooling systems did not work, and as a result we are somewhere between a disaster and a major disaster.”

This quote caused a large movement on the markets as the ‘effectively out of control’ was rebroadcast by multiple media sources without any context about what he was talking about.

At 1645 today:

A spokeswoman for EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger has clarified his earlier remarks that “further catastrophic events” were expected. “He just wanted to share his concern and that he was really touched by all the images of people and the victims,” said Marlene Holzner. “In this sense, he said that according to we have seen in the media, it seems that in the nuclear power plants at the moment we do not have technical control.”

So, basically it was rubbish.

UPDATE 2011-03-17: Tim Worstall has commented on this as well.

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