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Breaking the silence

I’ve been quiet recently; many apologies to my few readers. Something which I feel is worth passing on has made me temporarily break cover. Via Sackerson (his followup is worth reading too) comes" this entry": which I can’t add to as Sackerson has covered it all. It just makes me feel very very sad about the state of politics in this country.

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    by Toby Bryans 2008/06/23 at 11:38

    It’s good to be back, Timbo :).

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    by Timbo 2008/06/23 at 03:44

    Glad to see you back on the interwebs Tobs. :)

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    by Toby Bryans 2008/06/19 at 14:33

    Hey Sackerson, thanks for visiting. I’m trying to avoid turning this into a swear blog so I temper the mad…

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    by 2008/06/18 at 18:55

    Thanks for the mention, Toby. Don’t be sad, get mad.

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