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Rubbish terrorist threat of the week

Written in today’s Metro by David Hill of the World Innovation Foundation

‘Government business secretary John Hutton’s announcement that Britain could have one wind turbine every half-mile along the nation’s coastline by 2020 is a terrorist’s dream come true. For, if we are to become so reliant upon this isolated energy generation, there is no way to protect them.’

He does go on to make some slightly better points but this just caught my eyes as a really spurious use of the threat of terrorism to argue the case against something he doesn’t like.

To use it as the opening argument of his correspondence really does smack of desperation as well.

As for the WIF, a quick google shows that the only person who really talks up WIF is David Hill. The few others that discuss it either believe it is a hoax or a well meaning, but ultimately flawed organization.

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    by Toby 2007/12/13 at 08:26

    Hi David,

    Thanks for popping by. I agree that wikipedia is not the be all and end all and has suffered a number of credibility hits recently. However, that is missing the central point of my post which is that I strongly believe that using terrorism as an argument against something is not helpful. Our current government uses it (and paedophilia) to justify all sorts of intrusive and horrific measures and new laws.

    If your letter in Metro was printed as wrote then perhaps using some rational argument against the wind farm announcement rather than going ‘AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! TERRORISM!!!!!’ would have meant that I took it a lot more seriously. As it was, to me, it just read like a way of getting your (and your organisation’s name) in the press.

    Yes, the ‘wind farm every half mile around the UK coast’ sounds silly to me on a number of levels and I’m sure our government will not get around to implementing it (as is their wont – it sounds very much like a press release to make them sound like they’re doing something about the energy problem), however a distributed and redundant power generation system is a lot less of a terrorist target than (say) a few nuclear power generation stations I believe.

    Thanks again for visiting,


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    by david hill 2007/12/12 at 20:09

    Toby, when you cite something put both sides of the argument.
    Therefore visit our website and read the other side about Wikipedia. I doubt that you will as you appear to have tunneled vision like Wikipedians.

    Dr David Hill
    World Innovation Foundation

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    by Adrian Smith 2007/12/12 at 17:04

    ah outragoues, terrorism really is the wildcard of reasons why to do/not do something these days… well, probably not only these days…

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