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Davin's Dublin Tour

When Theo and I went to Ireland for the wedding we decided to spend a night experiencing Dublin before traveling on to Galway. Davin, the bride’s brother gave us a text message guide of Dublin’s bars which avoids the tourist-filled awfulness that is Temple Bar. We had a wicked time, so here is The Tour!

We were staying at the Jury’s Inn on Parnell Street so the tour starts there:

Exit and turn left, walk 5mins down Parnell Street to Capel Street. Turn left and walk south towards the River. Nealons on your right is just before The Liffey, lovely Guinness.

Next cross the river to Parliament Street, passing Zaytoon (great kebabs). Thomas Read’s is on the corner of Parliament & Dame.

Turn left out of Thomas Read’s down Dame Street. Eventually on the right is a small back street that runs parallel to Dame Street called Dame Lane. Here is hidden, on the right, a place called The Stags Head. Just after that is 4 Dame Lane with flames above the door which stays open late.

We enjoyed every single one of the bars, and Zaytoon fed us with, frankly, the best kebabs I have had.

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