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TCSOTD 2007-03-28

Dollar Art

Bizarre hexagon circles Saturn’s north pole

3,500 British schools fingerprinting their children
… [20:23] a quick follow up on how these idiot schemes break all four laws of identity

Australia posters ruled offensive
… “should not be seen by children”

One year of unnecessary censorship

Mind how you walk. It could be a crime

John McCain’s MySpace Page ‘Enhanced’

Lords scupper Manchester Casino Plans
… by just three votes

Gizmodo Tokyo Flash Giveaway
… just a competition, and is currently being gizmodo’d, but the watches are cool…

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  • Gravatar

    by Toby 2007/03/30 at 06:44

    Tell me about it. Bloody idiocy if you ask me.

  • Gravatar

    by Timbo 2007/03/30 at 06:06

    So the word “bloody” is now offensive? What time is Eastenders on again??

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