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TCSOTD 2006-11-08

Shameless self promotion

Open source mobile phone

Democrats triumph on bad night for Bush

Irishman sells dirt to US emigrants

Things not to say on the Radio #3582

Moss and Coleman solicitors
… a rant

UK Iraq Policy a ‘rank disaster’

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    by Toby 2006/11/09 at 09:16

    Yeah – the phone is a great idea. When unrated mobile bandwidth is a reality we could do some interesting things with location based on line services. Of course, you could do them now but most people would find the cost prohibitive.

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    by Timbo 2006/11/09 at 03:02

    Regarding that self promo link, there are at least 2 pubs in Brisbane that use the underground logo… both are aimed at British backpackers though.

    That openmoko looks cool! Wonder if any networks in Australia will support it…. I’d love to apt-get my phone. :)

comment TCSOTD 2006-11-08

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